Moving Morocco

Ancient and modern, rugged and beautiful, Morocco is a land of contrasts. We wandered through bustling medinas, took in the aromatic smells of the spice markets and journeyed through the desert aboard a camel. From stunning riads, to the desert’s endless sky, it was an unforgettable and inspiring adventure.

Moving Morocco

“Our tour guide was excellent, accommodating, the best! The culturally immersive itinerary set it apart, and to me that’s why you travel not just to see a site. Local guides were wonderful, friendly, helpful, attentive. Hotels and riads were amazing. Best trip ever for me!”

— Vicki Balk, AAA Carolinas

“My perception of ‘adventure travel’ has definitely changed. I used to think of adventure travel as physically challenging. I know now that the adventure was for your mind, body and spirit. I challenged myself physically and mentally, stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new things. My spirit soared in Morocco!”

— Christine Lucsky, AAA Northeast

Ancient Peru

Have you ever wanted to walk among the canopy of the Amazon jungle? Or explore the intriguing archaeological site of Machu Picchu? This adventure took us inside the culture and history of this fascinating region as we experienced life alongside locals.

“I loved the small group atmosphere we were able to all sit and eat together several times, and we became like quite a family. Being in a small group allowed us to experience some things that a larger group might not be able to. And we still had such a wide array of ages and backgrounds on our trip but were so like-minded. Words can’t adequately describe it. All I can say was that this trip was the most incredible experience I have ever had.”

— Ginger Passalacqua, AAA Northeast

“Toward the end of our trip, we embodied the Club Adventures Slogan, “We are all Locals.” We watched a traditional Inca clay pottery making demonstration by a husband and wife. It was great to see this couple work together to create such beautiful art. We went to a local chocolatier’s home and watched the transformation of the cocoa fruit into a chocolate bar. The chocolate was velvety smooth and so yummy. We were invited to have lunch at a community member’s home where she prepared homemade cheese and Inca purple corn drink. We walked through her courtyard and were seated at the dining room table as a group. We felt so welcomed, they were happy to have us in their home. It felt like they were family.”

— Caroline Haylett, AAA Northeast

“You really get to know your fellow travelers in a small group. It’s easy to get around, larger groups can cause delays due to their size (i.e. 45 passengers). Smaller vans and transportation is much nicer to travel on.”

— Laura Gehron-Davis, AAA Washington

Discover The Balkans

Incomparable. Legendary. Surprising. In southeastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula is cradled by the Adriatic, Ionian and Black Sea. With its medieval towns, castles, islands, and diverse history, the Balkans are calling.

“This trip was fantastic. I was not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. I don’t often take tours but sell them, and loved the small group aspect of it and the not so popular locations we visited. Some good ideas to give clients. Not to mention the fact that we were staying at local accommodations, we could feel like we were in another country but it was still a comfortable stay, good breakfasts, facilities, etc.”

Anni Siebenmorgen, AAA Oregon/Idaho

“This product is exactly what AAA has been needing, and I might add it is absolutely AMAZING! I love that it is a small group product that offers lots of time for personal exploration. The product developers have perfectly picked on-the-rise and hot destinations, all while keeping a moderate price point and the American traveler in mind. I am so thankful to finally see a preferred product that is authentic and sustainable to the destinations being visited. Everyone truly went above and beyond to ensure we were completely taken care of and given the best tour possible.”

Amanda Miller, AAA Colorado

Our local leader was PHENOMENAL! He knew everything about the culture, all the way down to what to suggest from the menu. He was always so extremely helpful and fun. He made us feel as if we were locals. Filip made the trip extra special with his wealth of knowledge and passion for his culture.

— Kirstie Green, AAA Northeast