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      Amanda FiggeAmanda Figge

      25, passport in hand, and terrified. This was my first time out of the country, and nothing had quite prepared me for this.
      I clung to my Lonely Planet Book and perfectly color-coded itinerary as I lugged our colossal sized bag toward the string of letters indicating the exit. The glass doors slid open – revealing a new kind of darkness just outside; however, no sooner had my eyes attempted to adjust, the motor hummed to life and closed with a snap.
      I glanced over, hoping for some encouragement, only to be met by a sheepish grin and a meek “Geronimo?”
      Giant flakes of snow pelted our faces as the arctic wind whipped across the barren landscape, attempting to seize our belongings and verifying we were no longer protected by the warm, cozy, coffee-scented air of the Keflavik arrivals terminal.
      Pushing the rental car alarm, we began searching franticly, but the more we ran in circles around the small parking lot, the funnier it all became. Our laughter ringing through the air, mixing with the howling wind, sounding like some sort of deranged animal. By the time we finally loaded our bags in the back, we knew everything would be ok.
      I’d love to say all the what-ifs go away, but no matter how many times I travel, I still find myself coming back to this feeling. However, now I know all it takes is a sheepish grin and a single step.
      What scary step will you take in 2021?

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      Rachel JordanRachel Jordan

      Hey Amanda! I love this story!! I completely relate to having that feeling. I’ve found myself not researching the itinerary now that I’ve traveled a few times and my absolute FAVORITE part of travel is stumbling across something I totally didn’t expect in the destination. I think it brings such a joyful feeling of confusion and surprise and just pure awe. Looking forward to going on as many trips as possible once it’s safe to go again! Thanks for sharing and bringing back that feeling of wanderlust 🙂

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