Out of the Northwest Passage: Canada to Greenland

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Why we love it

Take an epic journey aboard the Ocean Endeavour, where experts will guide your adventures with in-depth workshops and presentations that enrich your understanding of this complex corner of the world., Sail the Northwest Passage as you hear stories about past explorers and their expeditions here. Look for abundant marine wildlife and birdlife, like ivory gulls, narwhals and bowhead whales., Explore Lancaster Sound (Tallurutiup Imanga), one of Canada’s newest National Marine Conservation Areas and cruise by ship and Zodiac in search of beluga whales, polar bears and glacial valleys before hiking the tundra of the largest uninhabited island on Earth., Learn about Inuit culture and history as you rub shoulders with the locals on Zodiac excursions. Sail into Grise Fjiord (Ausuittug) or ‘the place that never thaws’ and learn about the origin of Canada’s northernmost community., Hike the tundra of Greenland and take part in whatever adventure takes your fancy – whether it’s hiking, walking or photography in this surreal landscape. Then, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat – which literally translates to ‘iceberg’.

Is this trip right for me?

Believe it or not, temperatures in the Arctic can be freezing, but it can also get surprisingly warm when the sun comes out. It’s best to dress in layers when you journey outside. You’ll be provided with waterproof boots that are sturdy and warm. Please see the trip notes for information about what to bring.

Polar bears are one of the most incredible animals on the planet, but they are also powerful predators with little fear of humans. Therefore, it’s necessary to know the guidelines surrounding any contact with polar bears. Follow your leader’s instructions and do not stray from your group – your leader carries equipment to protect you. We may need to adjust our plans to visit alternate arctic landing sites.

Weather and sea ice play a pivotal part in this adventure, and although there’s an itinerary in place, there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to do everything planned. Flexibility and openness to embracing the unexpected are important in expedition travel, especially in remote areas.

Important information

This trip includes an early morning charter flight from Yellowknife,NT, Canada to Kugluktuk (Coppermine), NU, Canada on day one of the trip. We recommend you book one nights hotel accommodation in Yellowknife the night prior to starting your trip.

This trip also includes a charter flight from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Toronto, ON, Canada on the last day of the trip. We recommend you book one nights hotel accommodation in Toronto on the last day of the trip as the charter flight arrives into Toronto in the evening of the last day.

This trip is operated by our partner Adventure Canada on board the Ocean Endeavour ship.

You are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of AUD3000, USD2000, EUR1800, NZD3200, GBP1700, CAD2800, CHF2000 or ZAR34,900 per person per trip for your booking to be confirmed.

Final payment is due 120 days before your trip departure date.

If a booking is cancelled up to 120 days before departure, 50% of the non refundable deposit per person per cruise will be held as a future Travel credit.
If a booking is cancelled from 91 days to 120 days before departure, a 65% cancellation fee will apply.
If a booking is cancelled at 90 days or less before departure, a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

Please refer to our "Booking terms and conditions" page on our website for all Adventure Canada terms and conditions.

All customers must be fully vaccinated against covid19 to join this trip. Adventure Canada also strongly recommends all customers to keep up to date with their booster shots to maximise your own personal safety.

What to bring/pack

The Arctic usually has - relatively - mild weather conditions in high summer. Temperatures below -5ºC are not common (although wind-chill factor can significantly add to the effect.) As a result, you should not need to make many expensive specialist gear purchases, although you do need good wet weather pants and you do need warm clothing. Wet weather jacket and boots are supplied on board the ship. On shore we do aim to provide hiking and walking opportunities whenever possible, so a reasonable pair of walking shoes or boots is suggested.

The dress code on board is relaxed and casual; you will not need to dress formally for meals. The inside of the ship is well heated, so you will not require special clothing on board. Indeed, you could spend most of your time in light trousers and a t-shirt! However, it is not unusual for you to want to go out on deck suddenly - a whale sighting, or seals on a nearby ice-floe or hopefully a polar bear - nearly always produce a major exodus, so you need to keep warm clothing handy at all times, even when a shore excursion is not imminent. When you do go ashore you will require warm clothing - a few layers of light and medium-weight items which can be easily adjusted rather than one or two large and bulky items - and wet weather gear to protect you from the spray which can sometimes be encountered on the Zodiacs.

Below is a list of equipment and documentation that we suggest you take with you. Please use this checklist as a guide when packing for your holiday. Laundry facilities are available on board the ship.

Travel documents: passport, visa (if required), travel insurance, air tickets or e-ticket receipts, Trip Notes
Photocopy of main passport pages, visa (if required), travel insurance and air tickets
Spare passport photos
Money: cash/credit card/EFTPOS card
Money belt (for travelling en route)
Small first-aid kit
Ecologically friendly laundry soap
Daypack (lightweight and waterproof)
Watch/alarm clock and torch/flashlight (and spare batteries)
Electrical adapter plug
Toiletries/travel wipes
Sunscreen, lip balm, moisturising cream, sunhat and sunglasses (with UV protection)
Swimsuit (in case you wish to take the Polar Plunge)
Earplugs and eye mask (for light sleepers)
Extra pair of prescription glasses (if required)
2 strong plastic garbage bags (for laundry and in case of rain)
Refillable water bottle
Phrase book (if travelling en route to ship)
Gloves (2 pairs minimum)
Hat that covers ears
Scarf or other face protection
Wind and waterproof pants (a few sizes larger)
Warm pants
Comfortable shoes
Long wool or cotton socks (for expeditions)
Silk or polypropylene socks (for inside the ship)
Cotton turtlenecks and t-shirts
Camera and spare film (or recharge for digital cameras)
Plastic bags with zippers for carrying film, etc

Your prescritpion medication, seasickness medication and painkillers

Physical rating


Although you don't need to be particularly fit to take part in an Antarctic expedition, you do need to have a good level of mobility. You must be able to complete the onboard safety drills and emergency evacuation procedures unaided. Rolling seas and windy conditions require you to be stable on your feet while negotiating the ship over potentially slippery decks and gangways. Zodiacs are accessed via a gangway which is reached via some steep and narrow internal stairs. The Ocean Endeavour has a lift (elevator), but it does not access all decks so some stair climbing on board will be necessary.

Onshore conditions will vary. Ice and snow underfoot can make conditions slippery. Some locations have steep climbs or longer walks to reach a place of interest but wherever possible, the expedition guides will offer options of shorter or longer stays onshore, and varying levels of activity. The Expedition Team and crew are on hand to assist guests on and off the Zodiacs during all excursions.

Joining your group

Yellowknife, NT, , Yellowknife, CANADA

Alternate Joining Point

Joining instructions

Finishing your trip

Toronto, , Toronto, CANADA

Alternate Finish Point

Meals & dietary information

Breakfasts included: 16

Lunches included: 17

Dinners included: 16

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the dining room. Hours of operation will be posted and are subject to change to accommodate the expedition. Coffee, tea and cocoa are available around the clock. The tap water on board is safe to drink.
We're able to meet most special dietary requests, as long as you have clearly indicated your requirements far in advance of your voyage via your online Polar forms. Kosher food cannot be prepared.

Climate & seasonal information

In case of emergency

Issues on your trip:
While we always endeavour to provide you with the best possible holiday experience, due to the nature of travel and the areas we visit sometimes things can and do go wrong. Should any issue occur while you are on your trip, it is imperative that you discuss this with your Expedition Leader straight away so that they can do their best to rectify the problem and save any potential negative impact on the rest of your trip.

In case of a genuine crisis or emergency, you can reach our local office on the numbers below:

Intrepid local operator : Available for phone call on +30 697 800 6335 

Adventure Canada: +1 289 326 4796



The Ocean Endeavour has a fleet of 20 Zodiacs which means that all passengers can enjoy a landing at the same time.