Moab: Hike, Bike & Raft

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Why we love it

Combine the best cycling, hiking and rafting experiences that Utah has to offer with spectacular Wild West scenery., Raft the mighty Colorado River with easy-to-navigate rapids that also offer enough thrills for those who have been rafting before., Explore the famous towering red rocks of Utah on two feet, with a hike to the panoramic plateaus of the stunning Canyonlands National Park., Navigate one of Moab’s best biking trails as you mountain bike along rolling desert terrain, with stunning views into Arches National Park., Marvel at Arches National Park with its sandy washes, slickrock, mesmerising canyons and arches that rise high above the red rock landscape.

Is this trip right for me?

Please ensure you consult your local government’s advice regarding domestic travel prior to booking this trip.

This trip is new to our range this year. And while we have thoroughly researched every detail of the logistics, new destinations and working with new partners can sometimes throw us some unexpected surprises. More often than not, it’ll be a great surprise. But every now and again there might be a hiccup. We like to think that’s what puts the ‘adventure’ in ‘adventure travel’.

This is an active trip, and it consists of hiking, cycling and water-based activities. Whilst previous experience in hiking and kayaking or rafting isn’t essential, your ability to cycle is. Sturdy footwear is recommended for the hikes.

Equipment hire is included in your trip price, bikes, helmets, and all water sport gear. Bike helmets are compulsory to wear during all rides.

Please advise your height at time of booking so we can organise a suitable sized bike.

Important information

1. This trip begins at 10 am on Day 1 in Salt Lake City.
2. This trip finishes around 5 pm on Day 6 back in Salt Lake City.
3.Accommodation is not included on day 6 of this trip. If you require additional accommodation (or want to reserve your room for the main part of the day) please contact the hotel directly.
4. A single supplement is available if you’d prefer not to share a room on this trip. The single supplement applies to all nights of your trip and is subject to availability. Please speak to your booking agent for further information.
5. Bicycle hire is included in your trip price. Please advise your height at time of booking so we can organise a suitable sized bike.
6. The included bikes on this trip are dual suspension mountain bikes. E-bikes are not available for hire on this trip.
7. Bike helmets are compulsory on this trip. Please ensure you bring your own bike helmet from home.
8. Due to Covid-19 restrictions some of the local attractions may be temporarily closed, running reduced hours, or require booking ahead. Please check their websites for up-to-date opening hours.

What to bring/pack

What you need to bring will vary according to the trip style you have chosen, the places you are visiting and when you are travelling. We recommend you pack as lightly as possible and make sure that you can carry and lift your own luggage and walk with it for short distances or up or down a flight of stairs. Our travellers usually find the smaller their luggage is, the more they enjoy the trip not having to worry about carrying heavy bags! Aim to keep your main luggage under 15kg.

All luggage is carried in trailers or inside the vehicle so please don't bring more than one medium sized bag, backpack or suitcase per person. Your luggage may get some rough handling, so make sure it's a tough one. You'll also need a daypack to carry water, camera, jacket, etc when you’re exploring during the day.

Below we have listed the essentials for this trip:,, WATER BOTTLE
Please bring your own water bottle to refill along the way. Although it can be difficult to avoid bottled water when travelling, please use the water dispensers which are provided on some of our vehicles and at some of our accommodation. Your leader will advise whether tap water is safe to drink in your destination, if it is you can simply refill with tap water. When unable to avoid bottled water it is better to buy the largest available and distribute into your smaller bottle for the day.

Physical rating


On our Active trips there are regular rest breaks each day (& even whole ‘rest days’ on some), however it is important to note that you will be staying active over multiple days in a climate and terrain that may be unfamiliar. While it can be tempting to start out as hard and fast as you can (we get it!) we recommend taking it easy on the first few days while your body gets used to the activities and the climate.
As a general rule, the more preparation you can do for this type of trip, the more you will enjoy it. Prepare for the trip by doing aerobic type exercises before travelling - jogging or swimming are some options, though cycling is best. If possible take some extended rides before travelling, or spend time on exercise bikes in the gym. The more your muscles are prepared for the activities on this trip the more you will be able to enjoy the wonderful countryside and people you meet while riding. Note that an enthusiasm for bike riding and adventure is essential! While each activity usually requires little to no prior experience it is important that you are both confident and competent in riding a bicycle, both solo and in a group environment, and on and off-road.

The terrain of southern Utah is naturally hilly, but on this trip the elevation is generally manageable with Moab sitting at around 4000ft (1220m) and the highest point we hike (Dead Horse Point) at 5900ft (1800m). Cycling distances may look easy but don’t be fooled by the relatively short distances as much of the riding is done off-road and sometimes single-track on rocky or dusty trails and feature short but sometimes steep inclines (and descents). The riding and hiking always done at a manageable pace with ample rest stops.
The off-road nature of this mountain biking trip makes it best suitable to those that are reasonably fit and have good bike handling skills – to best enjoy this trip we highly recommend frequently practicing cycling on rough trails if possible.
Weather is usually the biggest factor on this trip. While temperatures can change dramatically during the year the heat of summer is generally the biggest physical challenge, and usually makes things feel a bit harder than the distances would otherwise suggest. When necessary we generally will start earlier in the day to avoid the worst of the heat.

Joining your group

Hampton Inn Downtown, 425 South 300 West, Salt Lake City, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Located in the city center of Salt Lake City, The Hampton Inn Downtown is just a ten-minute walk to downtown and a 15 minute drive from the Salt Lake City International Airport. The hotel includes free WIFI, an indoor pool and a breakfast is included in your stay.

Joining instructions

Finishing your trip

Hampton Inn Downtown, 425 South 300 West, Salt Lake City, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Meals & dietary information

Breakfasts included: 5

Lunches included: 3

Dinners included: 

While travelling with us you'll experience the vast array of wonderful food available in the world. Your group leader will be able to suggest restaurants to try during your trip. To give you the maximum flexibility in deciding where, what and with whom to eat, generally not all meals are included in the trip price. This also gives you more budgeting flexibility. As a rule our groups tend to eat together to enable you to taste a larger variety of dishes and enjoy each other's company. If you have dietary requirements and/or food allergies, please let your booking agent know prior to departure.

Climate & seasonal information

Due to the size and topography of the US and Canada, there's a huge amount of variation in the climate. We recommend you consider both the season and the part of North America you intend to visit, so that you can best pack for your adventure.

The following national holidays are observed in the US, which can affect our itinerary as traffic can be extreme, and shops, restaurants and attractions can be closed:

New Year's Day (01 January)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (third Monday of January)
Washington's Birthday (third Monday of February)
Memorial Day (last Monday of May)
Independence Day (4 July)
Labor Day (first Monday in September)
Columbus Day (second Monday of October)
Veterans Day (11 November)
Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday of November)
Christmas Day (25 December)

Moab has a semi-arid climate. Summers are hot, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are short, very cold, snowy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 20°F to 95°F (7-35°C) and is rarely above 101°F (38°C).
The hot season lasts for 3.5 months, from June to mid-September, with an average daily high temperature above 84°F (28°C). The hottest month of the year in Moab is July, with an average high of 95°F (35°C) and low of 68°F (18°C). While there is an occasional summer thunderstorm generally rainfall is limited, with most months rarely getting even an inch of rain.

In case of emergency

While we always endeavour to provide the best possible holiday experience, due to the nature of travel and the areas we visit sometimes things can and do go wrong. Should any issue occur while you are on your trip, it is imperative that you discuss this with your group leader or our local representative straight away so that they can do their best to rectify the problem and save any potential negative impact on the rest of your trip.

We recognise that there may be times when your group leader/local partner may not be able to resolve a situation to your satisfaction - if this is the case, please ask the leader to speak to their direct manager.

You may also choose to provide details in your online feedback, which we ask you to complete within 30 days of the end of your trip. Please do be aware that it is very difficult for us to provide any practical help after the trip is completed, so informing us while still travelling will give us the opportunity to resolve the issue in real-time.

For general contact details please use the following page:

In case of a genuine crisis or emergency, you can reach our local office on the number below.

Intrepid’s Local Operator: +1 1800 557 6989


The style of accommodation indicated in the day-to-day itinerary is a guideline only and may change. On some occasions, alternative arrangements may need to be made due to the lack of availability of rooms in our preferred accommodation. In these cases, we will use a similar standard of accommodation.

Throughout the trip, we request that our properties prepare rooms in time for our arrival, especially if we're arriving prior to normal check-in time. However, this isn't always possible which means we won't be able to check-in immediately on arrival at some hotels. Instead, we can store our luggage and explore our new destination or on some trips, have use of shared day rooms until all rooms are available.

While in Moab we stay at the Moab Valley Inn, a spacious, friendly and comfortable hotel perfectly located downtown. The hotel has modern rooms with double beds, private ensuite, Air conditioning, and free wifi. the hotel also features one of the largest hotel pools in Moab.


Our large fleet of vans are fully equipped with dual air-conditioning system, V8 engines and any camping or cooking equipment needed for your trip. Most have cloth-upholstered seats and carpeted interior with radio/tape or CD players. Your luggage is transported in a trailer which is towed behind the van.

The vans are regularly serviced in our own maintenance facility and continuously checked and serviced by a well-established network of maintenance and service facilities throughout the continent. However, unforeseen maintenance problems can still occur while on the road and we appreciate the patience of our travellers as we make necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

While your group will have a van for all included activities on the trip, the services of the van and the driver may not be available for your use during free time, or after you have arrived for the day. If you need a special trip into town you may need to arrange transport or a taxi.

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