Let’s (Re)Connect…Through Music

Music. It’s powerful, it’s transformative, and it has a way of evoking memory in an incredibly special way. Now more than ever, in the new reality we find ourselves adjusting to, music can be a way to stay inspired by all the things that make the world an incredible place. It transports us to different times and places, allowing each of us to travel in a way that doesn’t require leaving home.

In looking toward the future, when we can celebrate together again out on the open road, we’re working to provide as much virtual connection and inspiration as possible. This brings us to “Dusty Trails” our very first Spotify playlist, collated by the entire Club Adventures staff. In the same way that adventure travel means something different to everyone, so do the songs that make up this playlist.

We invite you to follow our channel and listen to the playlist below, and then send your own recommendations, as we continue to build playlists! What are you listening to now? What makes you happy? What calms you down in times of stress? What’s a favorite song that reminds you of a specific time/place in your travels?

This account will be grown and added to, creating a place where every adventurer, no matter their style, will find a place to re-connect through sound and feeling. Click below to get started:

As your ears soak up the stories of these songs, we also want remind travelers that while now might not be the best time to journey to or from places, it IS the perfect time to keep dreaming of all there is to still appreciate and experience around the world. As unprecedented and turbulent as times might be, there is still joy to be found when we (virtually) come together to support one another. Our hope is that this playlist will offer a bit of that joy when you need it most.

“Music is a world within itself, it is a language we all understand.”