Volume Up, Windows Down: Playlists for the Open Road

Road trips — long, winding, and filled with a variety of unplanned moments and pit stops. They are vacations we take to get in touch with our roots, to experience firsthand the ‘fly-over’ states, and most of all, to discover the adventure that exists right in our own backyards. Road trips inspire both curiosity and wonder about the world outside our doorstep, and we often come back feeling like we’ve changed in some way from everything we saw. 

It’s this belief in the power of the modern road trip that brings us to introducing Club Adventures: American Experiences, a collection of curated road trip-inspired vacations throughout the United States.  With American Experiences, you will traverse iconic places and stumble upon hidden treasures across North America, and in true Club Adventures fashion, you’ll have plenty of time and room to experience it your way. Have you ever wanted to dive into the culture and history of Albuquerque and Santa Fe? How about traveling back in time to explore historic Williamsburg? With American Experiences, discover the road trip, re-imagined.

That all said, what would a memorable road trip be without a suitable playlist for all those hours on the go? Our team at Club Adventures loves music, and we realize it has a way of making journeys even more meaningful. With that in mind, we’ve curated TWO road trip-inspired playlists for double the fun!

On the Road Again

When it comes to these new road trip packages, we realize it may be the first time many of you have ventured out in a few months, which brings up a variety of emotions. If you’ve got that free-spirited vibe happening after being cooped up for so long, we want to help you hit the open road with some of our most trusted adventure songs.

Our first playlist, “On the Road Again” features a mixture of the classic, road trippin’, upbeat music that we all know and love. However, we also selected songs that inspire the kind of excitement and optimism about getting out on the road again (see what we did there?). As you start to think about where you’ll head first, be sure to turn up the volume and let this first playlist jump-start your adventure.

The Road Less Traveled

Our second playlist, “The Road Less Traveled”, has also been curated to include some awesome, groovy tunes, but focuses more on looking back on all the miles you’ve driven, and how you feel towards the end of a great trip.

With these songs, we hope to inspire you to be reflective of all you’ve experienced on your adventure, reveling in the nostalgia and the memories you’re taking back home to share with friends and family. In times like these, with most of us having gone so long without branching outside our local communities, having the time and space to reflect on immersive travel experiences is more important than ever. So, turn up the volume, and let the music keep you dreaming and planning for your next adventure.

Be sure to head to the Club Adventures Spotify Channel to stay up to date with all of our travel-inspired playlists, and stay tuned for even more curated tunes to come!