The Best of Small Group Adventure Travel for 2020

Sometimes, it seems as if the world moves so fast that it’s easy to lose track of what matters to us most. Exciting discoveries…new experiences…shared memories: this is the stuff of lives well-lived — and adventure travel brings it all within reach.

So, if you’re still finalizing your 2020 travel plans and seeking some inspiration, look no further! We’re bringing you 10 of our top small group adventures for 2020, as voted by Club Adventures staff and fans. A combination of brand new departures and popular fan-favorites, each of these group tours will transport you to uniquely unforgettable destinations.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Greece

Coming in at number one, and for good reason, is our Greece Island Discovery experience! Nestled between the waters of the Aegean and Ionian seas, Greece’s captivating history and scenic beauty make it a perfect pathway to personal discovery. Beginning in the capital of Athens, we’ll journey out to the magnificent islands — exploring crescent-shaped Santorini, the beaches of Syros, and the archaeological treasures of Naxos.

Need even more reason to visit Greece? Check out these 8 unscripted moments in Greece from Pete Heck, featuring some wanderlust-worthy photography of his time with Club Adventures.

2. The Azores

Arguably Portugal’s best kept secret, The Azores Islands have something for every traveler. Prepare for an adventure that will captivate the senses as you explore the stunning landscapes and distinct flavors of the Azores. A land rich in tradition and cultural history, the islands are only to be matched by the natural wonders you’ll discover here.

3. The Galapagos

The Galápagos Islands combine stunning beaches, the world’s most unique wildlife, and genuine local culture. Get up close and personal – exploring Quito, Ecuador’s capital city and spending six nights on the Galápagos Islands. As a distinct benefit to traveling with Club Adventures, you’ll also discover the archipelago staying on land, instead of on-board, providing a more local, unique perspective of the islands.

4. Peru

Have you ever walked among the canopy of the Amazon jungle? Or explored the intriguing archaeological site of Machu Picchu? Have you stargazed under the Andean night sky? Our Ancient Peru adventure will take you inside the culture and history of this fascinating region as we experience life here alongside the local people.

Looking for even more of a challenging adventure? Opt for the Inca Experience, where you’ll explore the heart of the original center of ancient civilization. Together, we hike the Inca Trail — embedded in the stunning Andes Mountains — to experience the cradle of the Inca legacy and the wonder of Machu Picchu.

5. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Can you feel the fresh Mediterranean breeze on your face yet? How about the taste of a local wine in your glass? Like a masterpiece painting, the idyllic Amalfi Coast evokes a sense of wonder. This 30-mile stretch of charming coastal towns is an adventure through nature’s genius — with colorful lemon groves sweeping across its hills, rocky coastlines and glistening Mediterranean waters. Combining planned activities with plenty of unscripted moments allows for you to paint the picture of your Amalfi adventure — in your own personal way.

6. Morocco

As a popular fan favorite, Morocco is the perfect choice for a small group adventure in 2020. Ancient and modern, rugged and beautiful, Morocco is a land of contrasts. We’ll wander through bustling medinas, take in the aromatic smells of the spice markets and journey through the desert aboard a camel. From stunning riads, to the desert’s endless sky, your adventure will be an inspiring tale.

7. Vietnam

There is magic to be found in Vietnam, particularly when traveling as part of our Vietnam in Motion journey. To find it we hop on board bikes, sampans, junk boats and explore by foot. Live local with a homestay and numerous food tastings. Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the dramatic coastline and colorful countryside dotted with rice terraces.

Or, really satisfy your inner foodie with our Vietnam Food and Culture experience. This compelling adventure takes us on a journey of contrasts through ancient temples, bustling cities and picturesque countryside. Share traditional dishes with locals and discover the hidden gems.

8. Cinque Terre, Italy

Want to kick your Italian adventure up a notch? Check out our Cinque Terre in Motion adventure. Set in Northwestern Italy — and mostly inaccessible by automobiles — this quaint hillside region is a network of five fishing villages connected by trains, boats and pathways. Known for its terraced mountainsides and tasty seafood, Cinque Terre is a foodie’s paradise — where homemade pesto and locally made wines are part of the charm.

9. Jordan

There are treasures aplenty awaiting travelers in Jordan. Wander through the mystic desert landscape of Wadi Rum, and explore the stunning ruins of Petra. Float in the Dead Sea and snorkel in the Red Sea. Warm hospitality, delicious food and fascinating ancient history abound in Jordan.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Check out why Jordan should be at the top of your bucket list in 2020, with this recent post from Rachel Orth after her travels in this incredible country.

10. Kenya

Last, but certainly not least, we invite you on an unparalleled exploration of Kenya. Search trees for leopards and watering holes for local elephants. Drive the plains seeking lions, zebra and wildebeest. Our journey takes us through regions of mountains and grasslands – taking in the best of Kenya, while staying in luxury tented camps and lodges.

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