Galapagos at a Glance: Southern Islands (Grand Daphne). Ecuador

Galapagos at a Glance: Southern Islands (Grand Daphne)

6 days, from $3085.00, 3085.00, 3085.00, 3085.00

The Ultimate 2024 Wanderlist

With the start of a new year upon us, the million-dollar question of "where to go next" is back at the forefront of many travelers' minds (myself included). And, with so many destinations to be explored and people to meet, we're happy to help you narrow down your list just a little. So, without further ado, and in no particular order of priority, here's our list of 24 places we love for 2024 travel.


Best time to go: May - October

If we had to pick the perfect blend of history, food, and views - it would be Croatia. There's nothing quite like strolling the ancient alleyways of Split and Dubrovnik and hearing stories of the emperors whose steps you follow. Cruise between islands that all have charming villages, amazingly vibrant waters, and unique locally-sourced cuisine - it makes for an unforgettable adventure. Take me to Croatia >>

South Korea

Best times to go: April - June, September - November

Fascinating history, an epic cafe and food scene, colorful season changes, and (of course) K-pop. South Korea belongs on every traveler's list. It has everything you could ask for in an adventure, perfectly wrapped up in a scenic, clean, and extremely technologically advanced package that is roughly the size of Oregon. Trust us, you'll want to try the kimchi. Take me to South Korea >>

Costa Rica

Best time to go: December - April

Lush, relaxing paradise... or exhilarating, adrenaline rush... Costa Rica has it all, so how you experience it is up to you! Whether you're soaking in a hot spring, snacking on freshly picked fruit from a local market, or ziplining through forest canopy, you'll love Costa Rica - we just know it. Take me to Costa Rica >>


Best time to go: March - November

Truthfully, we think Canada (particularly, Alberta) is underrated. We've all seen photos of Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, which are spectacular year-round, but there's so much more to offer in this region. Learn about the First Nations people through interactive experiences, taste delectable farm-to-table cuisine, and enjoy nature's beauty in the region by watching the northern lights, kayaking on the blue lakes, or simply strolling one of thousands of well-kept trails. Take me to Canada >>


Best time to go: May - October

As the dazzling star of the second season of HBO's The White Lotus - Sicily has been reveling in fame. Imagine exploring Mount Etna with a volcanologist, tasting exquisite foods (can't forget the cannoli), visiting ancient Greek and Roman archaeological sites, and discovering the incredible beaches across the island. Sounds like a dream, right? Sign us up too. Take me to Sicily >>


Best time to go: November - March

If we could fly there this second, we would. Not only because our winter (their summer) is the best season to visit, but because the area is simply epic. Alpacas roam free, the cuisine is dream-worthy, and some of the world's most breathtaking natural landscapes exist here. If it's not already on your must-visit list, please add it now - we'll wait. Take me to Patagonia >>


Best time to go: May - October

One of the best ways to see Greece, especially if you want to avoid the crowds! Crete is a beach-goers paradise, plus you still get to explore ancient ruins and authentic quaint Greek towns. And, don't even get us started on the food... *chef's kiss* Take me to Crete >>


Best time to go: June - August, (for northern lights, November - March)

A nature-lover's playground with charming coastal towns and fairytale fjords, where the northern lights dance and the wildlife wanders freely. We have no doubt that you'll fall in love with the culture of Norway, and you'll simply have to explore the whole country - from the mountainous northern shores to the modern metropolises both filled with warm, welcoming locals. Take me to Norway >>


Best times to go: March - May, September - November

A land of contrasts, where ancient meets modern. Japan offers year-round splendor from cherry blossoms in the spring to wonderful foliage in the fall. You'll wander the bustling streets of Tokyo or Osaka, tasting iconic street foods along the way (yakitori and fresh sashimi, yes please). You'll ride the bullet train, experiencing the famed local transit. You'll learn the difficult history of the country and discover the magic of the people who call this beautiful place home. Take me to Japan >>


Best time to go: November - March

From bustling Bangkok to the jungle treks near Chiang Mai to the pristine white-sand beaches, Thailand blends the modern and cosmopolitan with tranquility and peaceful respite. Try a bowl of noodles from a street food vendor, a staple of Thai cuisine, or seek out elephants in Khao Yai National Park. No matter how you spend your time here, Thailand’s inviting locals, tropical landscapes, and distinct culture will capture a piece of your heart. Take me to Thailand >>


Best time to go: December - March

Coffee lovers, Colombia is calling! From its sandy Caribbean beaches to the rolling lush hills lined with traditional coffee estancias, Colombia is a colorful, vibrant country fit for all adventure lovers. One day you're lounging and soaking up the sun on the beach, the next day you're walking through a dense, steamy jungle, at night - dancing till dawn with the locals (only if your bed time allows, of course). Take me to Colombia >>

USA National Parks

Best times to go: April - June, August - October (for Zion), April - May and October (Yellowstone), July - October (Acadia)

We love a classic destination. We're predicting more people will venture into our own backyard through a variety of national parks in 2024. We'll always recommend Zion National Park and Yellowstone National Park, but as a Rhode Island based company, Acadia National Park is one of our favorite nearby spots - throw in a few lobster tails, and it's the perfect adventure. Take me to the USA National Parks >>

New Zealand

Best time to go: December - February

We're sensing a theme in this year's Wanderlist - nature will always make the best adventure. And, trust us when we say, there's no place like New Zealand. From glow worm caves and geothermal features to sheep traffic jams and movie-worthy mountain views (thanks, LOTR), New Zealand is a dreamscape. I mean, who wouldn't want to visit a place where the sheep-to-people ratio is nearly 5-to-1? Can't be that baa-d (get it?) Take me to New Zealand >>


Best time to go: December - April

They have tacos - enough said... kidding (kind of). Mexico has so much to offer for a great adventure. From the ancient civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs, through Spanish rule to present, Mexico boasts impressive architecture from each historical era that you can still visit today. You'll wander mystifying ruins, relax at world renowned beaches, admire impressive local art, and taste your way through an unbelievably delicious cuisine. Want even more culture? Visit during the annual Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) celebration to cherish relatives who have passed through a colorful, warm tradition. Take me to Mexico >>


Best time to go: April - October

Dragon lover? Snorkeling aficionado? Hiking enthusiast? Indonesia’s where it’s at! Keep your eyes peeled for the Komodo dragon or grab a tank and go diving in the deep, turquoise waters of this country, home to 20% of the world’s coral reefs and numerous shipwrecks primed for exciting explorations. With active volcanoes, 170,000 islands, and nearly 300,000 animal species, this idyllic paradise is an adventurer’s playground. Home to the popular island of Bali, Indonesia is the perfect spot to be as active or relaxed as you’d like. Take me to Indonesia >>


Best time to go: November - April

Pack light for this one because you'll probably come back with a whole new wardrobe (and plenty of stories). Delve into French-Vietnamese culture in historic, lantern-lined Hoi An, where you can have clothes designed and fitted just for you. Of course, it's not just a fashion haven, you'll get to know the friendly locals and learn more about the humbling history of the country at every turn. Take me to Vietnam >>

Amazon Rainforest

Best time to go: July - December

Jaguars, monkeys, and sloths - oh my! At every turn the Amazon impresses, from the powerful force of its river to the magnificent, lush rainforest which is the most biologically diverse place on Earth. Pair a few days at an eco-lodge in the rainforest with an adventure in Peru or Ecuador, and we'd call it a match made in heaven. Take me to the Amazon Jungle >>


Best time to go: June - August

Looking for something that’s a bit more off the beaten path? Overlooked for years by the international tourism scene, Mongolia is a vastly undiscovered and untouched landscape, obtaining the title of the world’s least densely populated country. Travelers here will do best to lean into a flexible itinerary and embrace the unexpected, as Mongolia is home to one of the world’s last living nomadic cultures. Step outside the populated capital of Ulaanbaatar to experience life at a slower pace, where your only neighbors will be the sheep, cattle, goats, camels, horses, and yaks roaming freely through acres of undulating green pastures. Explore the Gobi Desert on the back of a camel or try your hand at eagle hunting, a practice that dates back 6,0000 years. Take me to Mongolia >>


Best time to go: Late September - Early June

If you've never sipped a malbec from Mendoza or learned to tango, 2024 is your year. Buenos Aires, also known as the Paris of South America, has as much charm as it does things to do and foods to eat, but the buck doesn't stop there - Argentina has a whole has endless places to explore (see Patagonia shout out above). There's Iguazu Falls, the wine regions of Salta and Mendoza, Perito Moreno glacier, magnificent theater performances, and enough parks and gardens throughout the country to explore a new one every day of a year - plus some. Take me to Argentina >>


Best time to go: December - April

Everyone knows about the canal, but look past that and you'll find a vivacious cultural capital with some of the most delicious coffee and rum in the entire world. Learn about the indigenous tribes of the area and discover the melting pot of cultures that have evolved over time. Explore the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines for picturesque beaches, hang out in the metropolis of Panama City, and spot spider monkeys, tree frogs, and tapirs in Darien National Parks - one of the most biodiverse spots on Earth (even more than Costa Rica!) Take me to Panama >>

South Africa

Best time to go: May - October

If you're looking to check off some big bucket list items, South Africa has to be in your 2024 plans. From soaking up the sun and views from Table Mountain to spotting lions, elephants, zebras, and giraffes on a safari and learning about the humbling apartheid era in the country, South Africa always offers an unforgettable adventure. Take me to South Africa >>


Best time to visit: April to October

Looking for an adventure that feels totally out of this world? You've found the right place... Madagascar is home to 15,000 different plant species - 80% of which are ONLY found on the island. It's almost the same story with animals, since many of the iconic animals (like lemurs) can't be found in the wild anywhere else in the world. It's the ideal escape for a nature-lover with an incredible melting pot of diverse cultures to enamor any curious traveler. Take me to Madagascar >>

The Balkans

Best time to go: April - December

It's hard to believe such a small region can offer so much, but the Balkans hold their own. They've weathered a difficult past and have become one of the most fascinating, culturally diverse, and breathtaking regions of the world. Made up of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia this region has to be on your wanderlist - even if you don't make it to every country. We already mentioned Croatia above, so might I suggest Montenegro? Unbelievable mountains (iconic hikes!), coastline, history and delicious food and wine! Take me to the Balkans >>


Best time to go: May - June, September

8,000 years of history, packed into a stunning, sunny archipelago that's typically much less crowded than mainland Europe. You'll find yourself transported back in time while walking the cobbled streets of Valletta - stop by the quaint coffee shops to relax, or wander the many historical landmarks - we promise, there's plenty to explore! Or kick back, dig into some Maltese-Mediterranean food and sip some fine wine produced right on the island. Take me to Malta >>

Galapagos In Focus (Grand Queen Bea). Ecuador

Galapagos In Focus (Grand Queen Bea)

8 days, from $5465.00, 5465.00, 5465.00, 5465.00, 5465.00, 5465.00

Seas the Day with Club Adventures

Some of the most rewarding travel experiences take place when we create lasting memories with friends, both old and new. During this past year, we may not have been able to make new travel memories, but we reminisced over video chats, cooked dishes from our favorite parts of the world and researched the next destinations on our bucket lists. And, when you’re ready to venture out and beginning checking off your list again, consider embarking on an adventure cruising tour with Club Adventures. 

All aboard for cruising done differently

Adventure cruising is unlike any other cruising experience. With less than 50 passengers on every small ship, enjoy the amenities of a cruise - without the crowds. This reduced capacity also allows you to get to know your fellow adventurers, and whether traveling solo or with a group, you’ll form friendships with like-minded travelers to last a lifetime. From traversing diverse terrain and exploring stunning landscapes, to savoring local cuisine and witnessing cultural traditions, you’ll always have someone to share all your exhilarating adventures with.  

As a passenger aboard a small-boat adventure cruise, spend your days discovering vibrant destinations and admiring breathtaking scenery, then return to the comfort of a home base. Unpack once at the beginning of your trip and spend the rest of your adventure focusing on what really matters – the experience.

Set Sail and Get Local

Not only will you get to know your fellow passengers on your small-boat adventure cruise, but you’ll also be able to spend more time with your tour leader. Whether you want to learn more about the cultural history of a destination or just get additional information about the tour itinerary, these smaller group sizes allow for ample time to truly get to know your local leader.  

Throughout the cruise, you’ll have the chance to learn more about local culture from people who live in the destination. From chatting with local craftsmen in Croatia to enjoying a dance with an indigenous tribe in Panama, there are plenty of unique experiences to immerse yourself in.  

Small Ships, Inspired Experiences

With these small-ship adventures, explore more destinations located off the beaten path. Unlike traditional cruising experiences, by traveling in a smaller vessel, you can enjoy more flexibility while onboard and when you reach land. Meander your way through remote islands, discover hidden treasures and avoid throngs of tourists. Plus, in between stops, take a dip in the sea and bask in the serene waters of your destination!

While living like a local, you can also enjoy the comforts of home. Upon your return to the ship after a day of exploring, take advantage of 4-star accommodations and personalized service. As one of only a few passengers on board, you can become acquainted with the crew members and enjoy exclusive access to world-class amenities that you wouldn’t normally receive on a larger-scale cruise.  

Of course, no adventure would be complete without savoring the local cuisine. During your trip, enjoy cultural meals both on land and at sea, from sampling treats at a bustling market to sharing a gourmet dinner prepared by the onboard chef. Take part in unforgettable dining experiences like barbecues on the beach, traditional feasts, wine tastings and more.  

But don’t just take our word for it. In the words of Bethany Hodge, avid traveler and Travel Product Manager at Club Adventures,

“Adventure cruising is one of my favorite ways to travel. The scenery is always changing as you bond with fellow travelers that you truly get to know during your trip. And since you’re on board a smaller vessel you get to go further into destinations that larger ships can’t. Your onboard experience is comfortable, the food is amazing, and you still enjoy cultural immersion and time to explore - while only unpacking your bags once!”

As you plan your adventures for the coming year, get to know all the ways you can experience a destination through Adventure Cruising. These small but mighty ships bring to life experiences of a lifetime, allowing you to explore undiscovered locations all while forging friendships you'll cherish for years to come. Plus, our floating boutique hotels will become your favorite new way to travel - meet the fleet here. Ready? Let's go!

Looking to reconnect with your sea-faring ways? We also have a line of Sailing tours on smaller boats with an average of 10 people!

Galapagos Voyager: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz). Ecuador

Galapagos Voyager: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

14 days, from $8763.00, 8763.00, 8763.00, 8763.00, 8763.00, 8763.00

Treasures of Galapagos: Western & Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz). Ecuador

Treasures of Galapagos: Western & Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

13 days, from $7953.00, 7953.00, 7953.00, 7953.00, 7953.00, 7953.00

Galapagos Encounter: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz). Ecuador

Galapagos Encounter: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

6 days, from $3111.00, 3111.00, 3111.00, 3111.00, 3111.00, 3111.00

Galapagos Encounter: Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz). Ecuador

Galapagos Encounter: Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

6 days, from $3011.00, 3011.00, 3011.00, 3011.00, 3011.00, 3011.00

Grand Galapagos (Grand Queen Beatriz). Ecuador

Grand Galapagos (Grand Queen Beatriz)

17 days, from $10785.00, 10785.00, 10785.00, 10785.00, 10785.00, 10785.00

Galapagos Explorer: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz). Ecuador

Galapagos Explorer: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

7 days, from $3011.00, 3887.00, 3887.00, 3887.00, 3887.00, 3887.00

Treasures of Galapagos: Western & Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz). Ecuador

Galapagos Explorer: Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

7 days, from $3787.00, 3787.00, 3787.00, 3787.00, 3787.00, 3787.00

Classic Galapagos: Central Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz). Ecuador

Classic Galapagos: Central Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

10 days, from $6218.00, 6218.00, 6218.00, 6218.00, 6218.00, 6218.00