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Komodo & Flores Adventure

Discover charming island life on a tour across Flores – Indonesia's ‘Flower Island’. On this nine-day trip, you’ll hike to Mt Kelimutu at sunrise, soak in the Mengeruda Hot Springs, visit a remote village in Wae Rebo and walk through the spiderweb rice terraces. Spend two days sailing through the Komodo Islands and hike to the top for amazing views, swim at Pink Beach and see the home of the Komodo dragon up close. Exploring one of Indonesia’s less-touristed islands, this is one adventure you’ll remember for years, taking the road less travelled and experiencing the unique culture and hospitality of Flores along the way.

9 days, from


per person


12 people max


Trip code: TISK
Style: Original
Theme: Explorer


Countries Visited:  Indonesia
Accommodation: Hotel (5 nights), Guest House (1 night), Homestay (1 night), Overnight Boat (1 night)
Transportation: Private vehicle , Boat
Included Meals:

  • 8 breakfasts
  • 5 lunches
  • 2 dinners

Group size: Minimum 1, Max 12

  • Explore the Indonesian island of Flores and immerse yourself in the local culture and stunning natural surroundings.

  • Hike to the Mt Kelimutu viewpoint at sunrise and watch its dazzling red, blue and green crater lakes shift colour as the sun crests the horizon.

  • Walk through lush rainforests to the isolated village Wae Rebo. Spend a night in a traditional conical hut with the local community and experience their warm hospitality and traditional village life.

  • Sail and island hop across the Komodo National Park islands, snorkelling, swimming, island hiking and watching stunning sunsets – the perfect sailing experience.

  • Journey across Komodo Island in search of Komodo dragons – keep your eyes peeled for these prehistoric creatures wandering the landscape.


Show Full Itinerary

Day 1: Mt. Kelimutu National Park

Salam! Welcome to the Indonesian island of Flores – translating to the island of flowers. An arrival transfer will take you from Ende Airport to your accommodation in Mt Kelimutu National Park. If you arrive early, why not take some time to explore your lush surroundings on foot? Tonight, you’ll meet your trip leader and new travel group for a welcome meeting at 6 pm.

Day 2: Bajawa

Wake up bright and early and strap on your walking shoes. This morning, you’ll head out on a sunrise trek to Mt Kelimutu. Make your way up the mountain to the viewpoint, where you’ll be greeted with spectacular views over the bright green, blue and red crater lakes below. Heading back down the mountain, stop by Murundao waterfall. Jump in your private transfer and take a picturesque drive along the coast towards Bajawa. The foot of the looming stratovolcano – Mount Inerie – is home to a number of naturally occurring hot springs. Today, you’ll visit Mengeruda Hot Springs, where the waters are warmed by the nearby volcano and are said to contain medicinal properties. After soaking your worries away, finish your day surrounded by waterfalls and overhanging trees.

Day 3: Bena - Ruteng

Jump into your private transport this morning and travel to the town of Bena – a village known for its megalithic formations and traditional huts. Wander through the streets as your leader takes you on a guided walk through the village, admiring the intricate handiwork of the thatched hut roofs, impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines. Today, you’ll enjoy a locally made lunch in town before hopping back in your van and heading off to the town of Ruteng. Arriving in the late afternoon, take the opportunity to explore the town and don’t forget to grab some excellent insider recommendations for the best dinner spots.

Day 4: Cara village/ Dintor

After breakfast, make your way south, stopping by Cara village. Here, you’ll see the Lingko – rice fields planted in an intricate spiderweb pattern. Jumping back in your vehicle, drive along the picturesque south coast of Flores, overlooking the Sea of Saba before arriving in Dintor village. Tonight, you’ll be sleeping in a homestay in town. Why not hunt down some dinner with your group (don’t forget to ask your leader for the best recommendations!).

Day 5: Wae Rebo

Today, you’ll be heading to the remote village of Wae Rebo – isolated from the rest of the island, this is an ancient tribal village in the middle of the lush rainforest valley, surrounded by mountains. Make sure you pack a small overnight pack before heading off while the rest of your luggage will be stored in Dintor. You’ll be trekking into the rainforest to reach the village and large bags can’t make the journey with you. Lace up your hiking shoes and head off to the village, where you’ll be greeted by the locals with a welcome ceremony and a dinner of traditional dishes and specialty Wae Rebo coffee. Tonight, you’ll be sleeping in a Mbaru Niang – a tall, cone-shaped house completely covered in lontar thatch (a type of thatching made of dried leaves from the native lontar tree).

Day 6: Labuan Bajo

Let the sounds of the jungle wake you up this morning, before joining your group for breakfast in the village. Head back on your return hike through the rainforest and meet your transport back to Dintor, where you’ll collect your luggage and can freshen up with a cold shower and grab lunch. After, travel to Labuan Bajo. You have free time this evening to explore the city at your own pace. On the west coast of Flores, Labuan Bajo sits right on the beach with expansive views across the Flores Sea and to the islands on the horizon. Grab some dinner in town before returning to your hotel for some rest and relaxation for the evening.

Day 7: Komodo Island Sailing

Your sailing adventure begins this morning! After breakfast, make your way to the harbour where you’ll board your traditional sailing boat for the night. When you arrive, enjoy a welcome drink and introduction to the boat while you set off to your first destination – Kelor Island. Famous for its serenity, unspoiled scenery and hiking, Kelor Island is the perfect spot to find gorgeous, panoramic views. Head up to the top of the island this afternoon and take in the surrounding beaches and rolling hills. Jump back on board and head to Manjarite Island, where you’ll spend your time snorkelling and swimming in the crystal waters. Later this afternoon, cruise to Kalong Island – a small mangrove inhabited by thousands of fruit bats – and watch the sunset over the horizon as the locals take flight for the evening.

Day 8: Komodo Island Sailing/ Labuan Bajo

This morning, make landfall on the Komodo National Park’s third-largest island – Padar Island. Hike up to the top and look out over the verdant landscape, covered in green hills that stretch right down to the shoreline, meeting the blue waters of the Savu Sea. Head back down the mountain where you can cool off at Pink Beach and join the local sea life with some snorkelling. After, sail to Komodo Island, where you’ll be trekking alongside the mighty Komodo dragons. Keep on the lookout for these ancient-looking reptiles, catching them up close and personal in their natural habitat. Make your way back to the harbour, cruising back to Labuan Bajo for a final night on the island. Why not have a dinner together to celebrate this great adventure?

Day 9: Labuan Bajo

After breakfast this morning, your adventure comes to an end. Bid your fellow travellers farewell and check out of your hotel. This doesn’t mean your adventure has to come to an end! If you would like to extend your stay in Labuan Bajo, just speak to your booking agent ahead of time to organise additional accommodation.