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Sardinia & Corsica Sailing Adventure

Set sail across some of the most transparent, bluest water on earth on this relaxing nautical adventure to the coasts of Italy and France. Island-hop from Portisco to Bonifacio, stopping to snorkel among the coves of Caprera, swim in the archipelago, or find a quiet spot on a white sandy beach in Isola Santo Stefano. Climb the King Aragon Steps in Corsica, bush walk through wild national parks or cruise Maddalena Island on two wheels. The beauty of a sailing adventure is that each day you wake up in a new spot, with the freedom to do as much or as little as you please. At night, watch the sunset from the nearest pristine beach or from the deck of your group’s yacht and fall asleep to the undulating waves beneath you.

8 days, from


per person


8 people max


Trip code: ZSRS
Style: Original
Theme: Sailing


Countries Visited:  France Italy
Accommodation: Overnight boat (7 nights)
Transportation: Boat

Group size: Minimum 1, Max 8

  • Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and take the opportunity to go snorkeling among colourful fish and marine wildlife at each destination.

  • Explore the ancient citadel of fortified Bonifacio in Corsica, as well as the many medieval houses. chic bars, historic buildings and bustling Old Town.

  • Delight in the wildlife in beautiful Caprera, like the wild goats that roam freely. Look out for the varied birdlife on the island, too – declared a natural reserve for the seabirds that live here.

  • If you choose, opt to cycle around the lively city of Maddalena, a town in the archipelago of the same name that boasts many cafes, bars, restaurants and shops perfect for exploring on foot or wheel.

  • Watch the sunset each night from a local, white-sanded beach or rise nice and early each morning to watch the sunrise on the deck of your group’s yacht – this setting couldn’t be more perfect for some rest and relaxation.

  • By travelling on this trip, you’ll directly support our Intrepid Foundation partner, Cooperativa Coraggio. Donations help them regenerate 22 hectares of unused public land to create local jobs and produce organic food in Italy.


Show Full Itinerary

Day 1: Olbia

Salve! Welcome to Italy. Your sailing adventure begins in Olbia, on the Northeast coast of Sardinia. Fifty years ago, this coast was farmland, until a group of businesses turned it into a millionaire’s playground – it’s now nicknamed the Costa Smeralda or Emerald Coast for the green blue of the water. Meet your skipper at 4 pm this afternoon at the café Principe Umberto. After, head to the local supermarket to buy supplies for your trip as a group. Get settled on the boat, your home for the next eight days, and spend the first night in Portisco on the Costa Smeralda.

Day 2: Isola Caprera

This morning, set sail for Caprera Island. This island has been declared a natural reserve for the species of seabirds that live here – the royal seagull, cormorant and peregrine falcon. The island is linked to Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian patriot and fighter who lived in the 19th century and was one of the fathers of Italian independence. He bought the island in 1855 and died here in 1882. His house is now a museum and a memorial chapel and the island itself is a national monument. The island was probably given its name due to all the wild goats living on it (capra means goat in Italian). When you arrive, take a swim in the beautiful water below and set off on your first snorkel of the trip. Tonight, maybe watch the sunset from a nearby beach or from the deck of the boat.

Day 3: Bonifacio (Corsica)

This morning after breakfast, you’ll cross the Bocche di Bonifacio (strait of Bonefacio), famous for the strong wind that hits from the northwest – the Mistral. Your destination is Bonifacio on the French-governed island of Corsica. An ancient, fortified city, this is where according to tradition, you must buy one of the famous knives. Bonifacio is a star attraction in Corsica drawing visitors from all over the island and overseas to marvel at its medieval houses that precariously teeter on the edge of the imposing limestone cliffs. Bonifacio's Old Town, with a labyrinth of narrow streets and historic buildings, was built by the Genoese and is a fascinating place to wander around. Explore its busy marina filled with impressive yachts and lined with chic bars, restaurants and hotels or head to one of the several idyllic, unspoiled Corsican beaches, surrounded by beautiful mountains. Tonight, you’ll find a delicious dinner in one of the traditional little restaurants in the Old Town.

Day 4-7: Isola Lavezzi & Maddalena Archipelago

This morning after breakfast, if the winds permit, head to the King Aragon steps in Corsico and ascend the 189 irregular steps for vast views over the seas, the cliffs, and glittering Sardinia. Over the next few days, you’ll explore Lavezzi and the Maddalena archipelago.

Visit Lavezzi – a collection of small granite islands and reefs in the Strait of Bonifacio that separates Corsica from Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. This first stop is known as ‘a little paradise’ where the natural world is still well intact.

Visit the Maddalena archipelago, with possible stops on the islands of Spargi, Santo Stefano and Budelli. These uninhabited islands are surrounded by great snorkelling opportunities, stunning natural landscapes home to multiple walking trails and crystal-clear waters full of colourful fish and perfect for swimming.

Set sail to Maddalena Island and dock in the centre of the lively town of La Maddalena. Here, you’ll have the option to rent e-bikes and normal bikes to explore the island. The town has lots of small stores, cafes, bars and restaurants, perfect for wandering on foot by day or partying by night.

For your last night, head back to Portisco in the afternoon, take a refreshing swim and find the perfect little restaurant for a farewell dinner to say goodbye to your fellow travellers and swap stories of the amazing trip you’ve shared.

Day 8: Portisco

Relax on board this morning before your unforgettable adventure comes to an end, at around 11 am. Sardinia has so much to offer, see and do, so it’s recommended that you book a couple of extra days pre or post trip, to explore inland and further south. If you’d like to stay longer and explore Porto Istana, Porto Brandinchi or Porto San Paolo, just speak to your booking agent.