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Wild Fjords of South Greenland: Land of the Vikings

Explore the seldom visited and fascinating region of South Greenland on this 13-day exploration aboard the Ultramarine. Start in Reykjavik and explore this picturesque city at your own pace before climbing aboard your ship – with an expert expedition team, you’ll discover Greenland’s serene shores, sail the icy waters of the southeast coast and see the lush southern tip. Visit local communities and Viking sites, gaining an insight into the local culture and history, and look out for the whales, seals and seabirds that call this place home along the way. In your downtime, take advantage of your ship’s luxurious suites, spa and wellness amenities and incredible wilderness viewing spaces! Surrounded by mountains, valleys and fields of wildflowers, and with heaps of optional extras to kick it all up a notch, this expedition trip will be sure to leave you breathless.

13 days, from


per person


199 people max


Trip code: BQMV
Style: Comfort
Theme: Polar


Countries Visited:  Canada Greenland Iceland
Accommodation: Expedition Ship (10 nights), comfortable hotel (2 nights)
Transportation: Ship , Zodiac , plane
Included Meals:

  • 12 breakfasts
  • 9 lunches
  • 10 dinners

Group size: Minimum 1, Max 199

  • Cruise past epic Arctic scenery out in the wilderness, where few dare to venture. Aboard your Ultramarine ship and on daily Zodiac excursions, you’ll see huge icebergs, soaring glaciers, gorgeous fjords and a vast seascape.

  • Look out for wildlife like migrating whales, seals and lots of seabirds! Your expedition team will always be on hand, looking out for the best spotting opportunities.

  • Learn about the Viking culture and Norse history in Reykjavik and with a visit to Hvalsey (Qaqortukulooq) in Southeast Greenland – home to the country’s best preserved Norse ruins.

  • Meet locals in remote towns and see what it’s like to live in traditional Inuit settlements along the shores of Greenland.

  • Explore Igaliku, part of the newly established UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kujataa. Home to only 25 inhabitants, this is Greenland’s oldest sheep-farming settlement.


Show Full Itinerary

Day 1: Reykjavik, Iceland

Velkominn! Welcome to Iceland. Your adventure begins in Reykjavik, the capital and largest city in the country, backdropped by the Esjan mountain range. When you arrive, check in to your hotel and then enjoy a free day to explore the city at your own pace. Maybe visit the National or Saga Museum and learn about Iceland’s Viking history or stroll around the colourful homes in search of the perfect bar or brewery. If you have time, why not visit the famous Blue Lagoon spa near Grindavik village and snap a photo in the striking blue waters.

Day 2: Embarkation in Reykjavik

You have some free time to find breakfast this morning – maybe try a typical Icelandic breakfast of hafragrautur (thick oatmeal), skyr (yoghurt) with jam and bread with butter and cod liver oil. This afternoon, you’ll board your vessel and begin your expedition aboard the Ultramarine. You’ll meet your leader and expedition team on the ship and go through what to expect for your upcoming adventure.

Day 3-4: Transit from Iceland to Southeast Greenland

As you sail across the Denmark Strait, your expedition team will teach you about the wildlife and the fascinating history of Greenland, including its geology, ecology and climate. Be prepared for the incredible sights you’ll soon explore, too. Your team will also keep watch for the seabirds you’ll likely see soaring around your ship, as well as the whales that can be encountered here. Wildlife lovers unite!

Day 5-6: Exploring Southeast Greenland

Your exploration begins with two days in South East Greenland – one of the least visited and most remote parts of the island. Your days sailing along the coast will be guided by weather and ice conditions, with each day and each excursion presenting new adventures. The region is a sight to behold, boasting a mesmerising maze of vast glaciers, steep mountains and breathtaking fjords. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not take an optional paddling excursion – an unforgettable opportunity to glide past icebergs and glaciers and capture epic photos. You might also visit Lindenow Fjord (Kangerlussuatsiaq) – an excellent spot for hiking through lush and varied flora surrounded by mountains. This rarely visited deep fjord is fed by several glaciers and offers ample opportunities for your camera to get a workout.

Day 7-8: Exploring Southeast Greenland

Sailing on, explore Greenland’s fertile southern coast. Nicknamed Arctic Patagonia, this region is as rich in spectacular scenery as it is in history and culture. Here, it’s easy to see why Erik the Red gave Greenland its name – everywhere you look, it rewards you with views of icy waters set against a backdrop of mountains and unbelievably lush, green valleys. Scattered around the shores of the fjord systems are several small settlements, both new and ancient.

Cruise the magical Prins Christian Sund (Ikerasassuaq) – a complex maze of narrow fjords and channels. Over the next two days, you’ll explore this stunning sound, home to glaciers, jagged mountains and cliffs that plunge dramatically into the water. Sail through the fjord in your ship or in a Zodiac, and if conditions allow, venture ashore for some great hiking opportunities.

Stop at Hvalsey (Qaqortukulooq) – the site of Greenland’s largest and best-preserved Norse ruins. Exploring the remains of the 14th-century church will feel like stepping back in time, as the building appears almost the same as it did when it was abandoned, and the surrounding fells and fjord remain untouched.

Explore the little village of Igaliku – home to about 25 inhabitants and Greenland’s oldest sheep-farming settlement. This area is also known for its storied past and the remarkable red sandstone ruins of the Gardar cathedral – the largest church in Greenland in the Middle Ages – and bishop’s residence, which date back to the early 12th century. Wander the foundations, excavated in 1926, and learn about this interesting relic of the Viking period. Together with four other historic farming communities, Igaliku is part of the newly established UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kujataa.

Day 9-11: Exploring West Greenland

Now it’s on the incredible west coast of Greenland. Heading north, you’ll take daily Zodiac excursions (weather permitting) to explore local bays, channels and landing sites, discovering some of the communities that dot the islands and cruising in some of Greenland’s most picturesque places.

In Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, you’ll wander the streets of the Old Nuuk neighbourhood and see the Hans Egede Church and Hans Egede statue, both named after the missionary who founded the settlement. History buffs will want to visit the national museum to view the famous Greenlandic mummies, too, which were found under a rock outcrop in 1972 by two brothers who were ptarmigan hunting.

Day 12: Disembark in Nuuk and fly to Toronto

Today, you’ll say goodbye to your expedition crew and your ship and take one more Zodiac ride to shore. Board your charter flight to Toronto, Canada and take the time to reflect on all the epic vistas you’ve seen, all the wildlife you spotted and all the friends you made along the way. When you arrive, you’ll take a private transfer to your hotel. Tonight is free to explore Toronto’s nightlife or a great spot for dinner.

Day 13: Toronto

With no further activities planned, your trip comes to an end today. You can make your way home or spend some time exploring this artistic city – if you need extra accommodation to extend your stay in Toronto, just speak to your booking agent ahead of time.