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      David McVeydmcvey

      First off, Thank you for having a very wide, and diverse amount of options which I absolutely love!

      With Climate Control, Environmentally Conscious and awareness being an increased lifestyle and Green travel making its way back. Is there any type of consideration to create a Filter in the future, or Tab possibly in the “Styles” that narrows down these types of eco-tours for people looking for options that feature giving back, or work with the community, environment on their Trips? With all of the new features, It may have just came out and I haven’t realized it, and apologize ahead of time for asking again if it has.

      I know there’s a lot with the transition and new things going on, and look forward to seeing everything you all put together for us in 2021! Thanks for so many wonderful options, and itineraries!

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      Lucas BialeckiLucas Bialecki

      Hi dmcvey,

      Great question, and thank you for your enthusiasm for our expansion of Club Adventures with hundreds of new and diverse itineraries!

      We will certainly take your suggestion about adding eco-tours as a travel style or travel theme into consideration at some point in the future. That’s a great call out, so thank you!

      It’s also good to be reminded that the Club Adventures way of travel is very much part of the sustainable travel movement that has really taken off over the past decade. Just by the nature of our small group tours, staying at locally owned hotels, sometimes taking local transportation, supporting local businesses and interacting with local people throughout, your clients are helping support the local economies and people of the destinations we visit all over the world.

      Thanks so much for being a part of our movement, and for engaging in our online Community. We love hearing great ideas from our AAA agents, so please keep them coming!


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