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      David McVeydmcvey

      With things going temporarily digital for a time like the Digital Customized Flyer, and not having brochures currently out. I came across an idea, and it seemed pretty interesting, of a QR code Flyer that would take them directly to some of the information? Just a thought, could be on a small flyer, that highlights things like the smaller groups, or special itineraries, and have the code for more info so that there’s something to give a client, maybe even a bookmark size since they like having a reminder to see their options?(had to give a shout out towards the adventure book club)

      I’ve noticed a lot of locations creating customized QR codes for environment friendly instead of printing, and since there’s a lot of uncertainty with printing. Just thought I would post the idea and see your thoughts 🙂

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      Rachel JordanRachel Jordan

      Hi David! It’s a great idea, and we’ve absolutely thought about using QR codes considering our shift towards more digital assets. I love your idea of the bookmark or something small like a SWAG item that could link to other things. We’re working on a lot of exciting things coming up, so stay tuned – in the meantime I’ll take your idea back to the team! Thanks for the great input & also glad you enjoyed Adventure Book Club!

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