AdventureFest 2021 was incredible.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for four amazing days of motivational speaking and training. You've taken the first step in chasing your dreams, and we couldn't be more thrilled to see you off on your journey and help you along the way! 

Someday starts today.


We gathered so much great content throughout the event we just had to share it so everyone could see! While AdventureFest 2021 may be over, we're counting down the days until 2022, and we can't wait for you to see what we have in store... Until the, enjoy the event recap below and watch at your leisure!

Life is an Adventure

Chess Edwards kicked off the event with a thought-provoking discussion on treating every day life as if you were traveling to take advantage of every moment.

Overcoming Challenges

We followed Mark Inglis, the world's first and only double amputee to summit Mount Everest, on an unimaginable journey of determination and positivity.

The Power of Optimism

People gravitate towards positive forces. Listen to Life is Good CEO Bert Jacobs as he details how a positive mindset is the most powerful tool we can hold.


Below you'll see what very quickly became our favorite way to kick-off the work day - sunrises from destinations around the world! You'll also find each full-length session from AdventureFest in the drop downs under the sunrises to pick and choose what you watch.
Happy viewing!


Welcome to AdventureFest 2021

Join our Managing Director, Allison Villasenor as she kicks off the week.

Life as an Adventure

Watch Chess Edwards give a thought-provoking discussion that questions why we travel to find joy in the things that we ignore back home.

“Storyselling” Adventure

Learn how to market and showcase your experiences to ‘storysell’ more effectively to your members with Dalene Heck.

Adventure is for Everyone

What kind of adventure traveler are you? How do you discern the type of adventure traveler your members are? Dive in with Todd Rogerson!


Welcome to Day Two

Lucas Bialecki, Head of Sales sets us up for an interactive day two of AdventureFest!

Someday Starts Today

Join Michael for a talk about optimism, why mindset and how starting today can be the best decision you can make!

What’s Your Word

Join Lola and Allison for a workshop on finding your intention, creating positive action and community!

Starting a Travel Blog

Watch this session talking about the top 10 ways to start and build the travel blog of your dreams!

Photography Snap Shots

Hear amazing tips to snap that incredible travel photo, for iPhone or Android users and pro cameras!


Social media is the most powerful marketing tool you have. Learn from Kate DiPadua as she shows you how to use Instagram to promote your travel brand!

Build your Group Biz

Start your own travel group with as few as 6 travelers. Learn as Bethany uncovers the secrets to starting and building your group travel business.

Risotto Cooking Demo

Join the Ticino Region of Switzerland to learn the secrets of delicious risotto on a stunning cruise and cook tour.


Welcome to Day Three

Bethany Hodge, Head of Product Development, shares what lies ahead for Day 3.

Selling Connections: Cultural Intelligence

Join CEO of Culture Mee, John Lee, for an in-depth discussion on how being open-minded on culture can help you sell.

Local Leader Panel

Local Leaders are at the heart of Club Adventures, connect with leaders from around the world for an interactive panel discussion.

The Adventure Roundup

Ask Us Anything! The Club Adventures Team takes the stage for a session to talk about adventure travel and our favorite things.

Overcoming Challenges and Change

Hear from the world’s first and only double amputee to climb Mount Everest on the trials and tribulations of life and overcoming challenges.


Welcome to Day Four

Michael Ziegler, Director of Strategic Partnerships, kicks off the final day of Adventure Fest 2021!

Don’t Fear the Destination…

Pick up some tips to overcome the challenge of selling destinations that you haven’t traveled to (yet!)

Product Feature: American Experiences

Join the sales duo of Dan and Lucas to learn about our custom curated American Experiences, road trips on the road less traveled.

One More Thing…

We unveiled SO much – from news of FAMS, Club Cash, and Travel Specialist Profiles, watch this to get up to speed!

The Power of Optimism 

Join Life is Good co-founder, Bert Jacobs, to talk about how positive thinking is a powerful force for good, and listening to your inner optimist can catapult you to success.

Wine Tasting with Visit California

A wonderful virtual wine tasting and food pairing event. You’ll definitely want to head to California after this!