Get to know the team behind your amazing adventures.

Allison Villasenor

I have the privilege of leading our fantastic Club Adventures team, bringing the world of adventure to our travel advisors and members across the US.

Meet Allison

Managing Director of Product & Innovation

“I truly believe adventure can be found everywhere, all you need is an open mind and sense of curiosity. Great adventures lead to aha moments, belly busting laughter and personal triumphs that change your life. When I’m not leading this amazing team, you’ll find me cooking (recipes from the Club Adventures Kitchen, of course!) and discovering new things with my family!”

Annika Camrol

The student here! I have the awesome opportunity of assisting the team on marketing content creation and execution of campaigns. Making sure the information we put out there is authentic, eye-catching, and memorable.

Meet Annika

Travel Intern

"I am really into food and how to connect with a culture through their food, so one of my favorite Club Adventures tour at the moment would be the Vietnam Real Food Adventure. Especially because my mom knows how to speak Vietnamese and works with a lot of Vietnamese people, she's shared some of their culture with me and how it's pretty similar our Cambodian and Chinese culture too."

Bethany Hodge

I have the incredible job of curating and building a unique and culturally immersive portfolio of adventure products for AAA agents to offer to members!

Meet Bethany

Manager of Product Development

"I believe that adventure is a state of mind of being open to anything happening, whether it’s in a new country or in day-to-day life. For adventures closer to home, I love trying new local restaurants in Providence with friends, spending time with my family on Cape Cod, and most recently, embracing the adventure of parenthood, alongside my husband, with the arrival of twins."

Brooke Hamlett

I build business for Club Adventures through sales calls, trainings, and partnership with our AAA travel agents so they can also build their adventure travel business.

Meet Brooke

Business Development Manager, West Coast

"For my next trip, I'd love to go somewhere I've never been, like Kenya or Hawaii, but I also deeply believe that you can find adventure everywhere. Even a local weekend walk in the neighborhood can be exciting with a curious, engaged mindset. When I'm not working or traveling, you'll find me playing golf, attending music festivals, and spending time with family!"

Dan Campbell

I work closely with AAA Club leadership on tactics to grow Club Adventures sales.

Meet Dan

Director of National Accounts, East Coast

"I live by the quote, 'be curious, not judgmental.' Through road trips in the US and adventures abroad, I've discovered that this is the best way to travel - by breaking away from your travel security blanket to see the world in a different light. My favorite travel 'must-haves' include cool accommodations, peace, some physical activities and certainly a bucket list cross off!"

Eileen McDonough

I help to create the tours we offer, putting together all the components: hotels, transportation, sightseeing, etc.

Meet Eileen

Travel Product Supervisor

"To me adventure means getting out of my comfort zone, trying something new, exploring a place I have never been, and seeing the world with an open heart, mind, and eyes. I believe that life should be filled with experiences, not things, so since I was little I've been dreaming of visiting Egypt and seeing the pyramids in person - and I'm sure I'll get there in the near future."

Ginger Passalacqua

I have the privilege of talking to AAA agents every day, helping them book their clients on our amazing tours!

Meet Ginger

Lead Travel Reservations Specialist

"Adventure to me is taking any small step outside of your comfort zone to try something new – whether its visiting a new destination, trying a new food or striking up a conversation with someone you’ve never met. As a Reservations Specialist, I love sharing my travel knowledge with others to help them make the best choice for their next adventure."

Kim Fortin

Assure products and groups run seamlessly for agents and their passengers: from Requesting space and pricing to preparing the system for reservations, setting up travel documents, and everything in between!

Meet Kim

Travel Product/Group Coordinator

"Adventure to me is emersing yourself in culture, exploring places you couldn’t imagine and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone."

Favorite quote: “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

Kristin Cascanett

I have the role of booking amazing trips for people who love adventure!

Meet Kristin

Travel Reservations Specialist

"Adventure for me is seeing and doing things that you normally don’t do in your everyday life. Greece or the Galapagos are definitely top of my bucket list for future journeys. In my role on the team, I love helping agents with my knowledge on all of our tours to help them pick the best trip for their clients. I also enjoy spending time with my family and traveling closer to home."

Melissa Klein

I get to answer calls from agents and members to book our awesome tours!

Meet Melissa

Travel Reservations Specialist

"I am definitely a cultural connector, when it comes to how I travel. Adventure to me means living in the moment and trying new, exciting things. It’s about embracing new experiences and changes that happen in life. When not on the job, you can find me enjoying game nights, paint and sips with friends, and dreaming of my next adventure to Greece or Spain."

Rachel Jordan

The creator on the team – I source and build content for all of our partners and marketing strategies!

Meet Rachel

Marketing Specialist

"I crave the feeling you get when a destination takes you completely by surprise, as I think that's when the most rewarding adventures happen. No expectations, just letting the storyline play out - it's what I dream of. Fun fact: I'm also a sommelier, having studied wine and travel in college (yes, you can do that!) and it was the best decision I ever made."

Steve Murphy

My role is to be a champion for the amazing adventure travel tours that we offer at Club Adventures.

Meet Steve

Business Development Manager, East Coast

“I'm definitely a Cultural Connector style of traveler. I love Anthony Bourdain's quote, "If I'm an advocate for anything, it's to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food. It's a plus for everybody." When I'm not at work you'll find me planning my next adventure with my family, riding my bike or playing squash!”


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