Have questions, and need answers? We’ve got you covered. With all the recent changes across the travel landscape, and our own expansion here at Club Adventures, we want to make sure you have everything you need to sell adventure travel with confidence and the assurance that we’re here to support you every step of the way. With that in mind, check out the list of FAQs below. If you still have questions, get in touch here or reach out directly to your Club Adventures representative.

Product and Operations Questions

All of our adventures, with the exception of American Experiences self-drive trips, include arrival and departure transfers as our AAA Member Benefit. So, when your Member’s feet hit the ground, they won’t have to worry about a thing!

We’re super psyched about our commissions. Here is how it all breaks down:

  • 18% commission – Club Adventures Exclusives, off-the-shelf Just Our Crew tours and all other standard products
  • 15% commission – Adventure Cruising & custom itineraries
  • 12% commission – Polar and Ocean Endeavour programs as well as American Experiences.
  • 8% commission –  pre or post arrangements
  • 5% commission – contracted air through Club Adventures!

We’ll be happy to hold a spot for your Members! Our deposit amounts vary by trip style. Here are some details:

  • Standard small group trips: $400 per person
  • 18-29s: $100 per person
  • American Experiences: $100 per person

Our Polar, Expedition and Wildlife trips are incredibly special. So much so, that their deposit amounts vary by itinerary. Give us a call, and we can walk you through it!

To get started, we recommend that you hop in and take our Certified Adventure Travel Specialist (C.A.T.S.) introductory course. Then, check out our Club Adventures personas over in the Small Group Adventure Travel Toolkit, which will help break down the different styles of adventure travelers, and how to best reach them. These are a few ways to help you sort through all of the options available, but remember: If you have any questions, just call our team and we’re happy to chat in detail!

We STRONGLY advise that members carry appropriate travel insurance, no matter the trip. Travel is an investment and should be protected. Our coverage suggestions can be found on our Terms and Conditions, and we recommend that you sell your Club’s preferred insurance provider. In the event that your Members decline to carry insurance for their trip, they’ll need to sign a waiver document at the start of their adventure.

Air is an additional cost. Club Adventures has many airline contracts and can assist with your member’s airfare. Also, if an interflight is included – the itinerary will say so.

We believe that adventure is for everyone and adventure moves us all in different ways. With that in mind our Club Adventures Exclusive trips have a corresponding activity level, so that you and your Members will know what to expect. Here’s how we break it down:

  • Level 1: These trips are built for relaxation. No need to worry about a thing!
  • Level 2: We’ll do some light walking, stairs and uneven terrain are likely. But, these trips are suitable for everyone.
  • Level 3: These moderate adventures feature some hiking, biking and walking. Nothing too intense.
  • Level 4: These active trips feature some strenuous activities that you might need to train for, like trekking or high-altitude hikes.
  • Level 5: For a true high-adrenaline adventurer. These expedition style trips feature intense hikes, extensive climbs and often high altitude.

To learn more about our travel styles and who they’d be a great fit for, be sure to take our Certified Adventure Travel Specialist (C.A.T.S.) introductory course!

Exclusive: Club Adventures’ own curated collection of tours, only available through AAA, featuring unique hotels, incredible experiences and exceptional quality.

Premium: Think eco-lodges and locally owned boutique hotels. These trips are 4.5 star and have all the amenities a traveler could ask for.

Comfort: Offering the same great balance as original, with the creature comforts taken up a notch. Expect 3-4-star accommodation on average.

Original: The perfect balance of travel unscripted and inclusions with local quaint accommodations averaging a 3-star rating. Tourist class hotels and a mix of private and public transport. A great alternative to large group travel – small, fun and adventurous with an off the beaten path vibe.

Basix: Perfect for the budget oriented traveler looking for incredible travel memories and time to explore on their own. Simple, clean accommodations with an average 2-to-2.5 star rating. It’s been said “a bed is just a bed when there is exploring to be done.”

At the time of making a reservation for your tour, we require a nonrefundable deposit to be made. As noted above, these deposits will vary by trip style. We understand that life happens, though, and if for some reason you need to change your travel plans, your deposit will move with you — just select another departure and we’ll move your deposit there. Just bear in mind that MOVEable deposits must be used within twenty-four (24) months of selecting a new departure. The final balance of your tour will be due sixty (60) days before the date of departure.

Currently, Club Adventures does not assist with Visas. Please check with your club to see if there is a preferred partnership with a Visa supplier.

Similar to our deposits, our final payment due dates will vary depending on the trip. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Standard Tours: 45 days prior to departure
  • Just our Crew: 45 days prior to departure
  • American Experiences: 45 days prior to departure

Have questions about a specific trip? Just give us a call!

Sure thing! Check out our Agents Perks page to learn about all the ways you can earn exclusive perks and rewards.

Marketing and Promotion Questions

We think they’re awesome, too! Adventure Bucks is our way of saying thank you. The more you engage with us, the more you earn. And we’ve got some great perks lined up. Check out the most up to date list of ways to earn and redeem your Bucks, here.

Yes! We have a variety of resources, including image libraries, downloadable PDFs, email templates and more. You can find them all on the Resources Page.

For more information and tips on how to market to all kinds of adventure travelers, head over to complete the C.A.T.S. introductory course, which includes details about Club Adventures traveler personas.

We love a good deal – so much so that we’ve built a page for them. Find all the current offers we have available, here.

Sales Questions

Our Club Adventures team is here to assist – give us a call anytime, or hop on our website at www.clubadventures.com

We’ve launched our Certified Adventure Travel Specialist (C.A.T.S.) Program to assist with all your training needs. Click the link to get started and you’ll also earn some Adventure Bucks as you complete the courses!

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