5 Ways to Travel More Sustainably

In recent years, the term ‘sustainability’ has become the ultimate buzz-word, and while it should be at the forefront of our minds, there is also a certain mystique behind the word. Am I wrong for using a plastic bag for my vegetables at the grocery store? What if I don’t know how to recycle? How can I actually make an effort to be more sustainable in my day-to-day life? These are all great questions, and if you’ve ever had these thoughts cross your mind, you’re on the right track. Living a more sustainable life is all about questioning how we’re doing things – from shopping at the store down the street to traveling the world.

Luckily for us there are a number of ways to travel more sustainably, and here at Club Adventures, we embrace them all, but for you all, we’re going to list the top five ways you can travel more sustainably this year.

Slow Travel

The concept of slow travel is a relatively new one to the travel industry, but it is quickly rising in popularity around the world – most notably in Europe. Staying true to its name, slow travel takes on a relaxed pace, often utilizing local transport or walking and biking. This not only cuts down on carbon emissions released with private vehicles or planes, but it also allows travelers the opportunity to stop off at those local shops that are outside the major tourism destinations in cities.

Staying Local

Accommodations are a huge part of every adventure, so why not feel like you’re actually in the destination you’re visiting? Staying at a locally run boutique hotel or inn can not only save you money on your travels, but it also ensures that your money is going directly into the local economy instead of going into a large chain hotel and funneling back overseas.

Travel with a Sustainable Tour Operator

Believe us, we know how complicated it can be to coordinate a trip while trying to be more eco-conscious. Let an operator take the stress out it, they’ve done the work and research, they’ve vetted all the local operators used to ensure that the activities you participate on the ground are ethically responsible – from animal encounters to employee treatment.

Shop Local

We know most of you are going to buy a souvenir, so just buy it local! Pick out that perfect painting from the street vendor you passed on your way to dinner or at the local boutique by your hotel, you never know the difference you’ll make in their life and the story you’ll get along the way.

Respecting Local Culture

Part of the confusion around sustainability lies in the multiple connotations of the word. For travel, sustainability is interwoven with social responsibility, meaning that we have a duty as travelers to ensure that we are ethically respecting the destinations that we visit. The best way to do this is to research local culture and customs prior to your adventure. This will help you prepare for any social expectations and cultural queries you may encounter.

Rachel Jordan is the Marketing Specialist for Club Adventures. She holds a Master of Science from Johnson & Wales University in Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development.