A breathtaking adventure through alpine paradise

Feb. 15, 2022

Experiencing the beauty of Switzerland first-hand is almost indescribable. From the friendly locals to clean cities and stunning lake-side mountain views, it’s hard not to fall in love with Switzerland (and even harder to take a bad photo)! Everywhere we went during our adventure looked like a beautiful painting, and I was continuously struck by how peaceful it was – even in the cities.  So, to sum up my time in this amazing country, here are a few of my favorite photos and memories.

We were lucky to have locals leading us around and showing us the best spots to experience Swiss culture and to fully immerse us in the gorgeous natural scenery, though my favorite locals stood out in another way. Throughout my trip the sound of traditional cowbells rang as the local livestock strolled around the rolling hills and valleys, and I found myself falling in love with it the more I heard them ringing. By the end of the trip I even had my own term for the tune, “Cow Music”!

Another great perk for traveling in Switzerland is how easy and FUN it is to travel by train. Zip through mountainous terrain, past sparkling blue lakes, and enjoy the peace, quiet, and cleanliness of the Swiss railway system…

Every city we visited welcomed us with open arms, and I’m so thankful to have come home with many great stories having met so many kind and engaging locals. One of my favorite ‘unscripted’ moments truly highlights that you never know what you’re going to find over the next hill. One day we were heading out to Lake Caumasee, and we came across a troupe of acrobats who had just finished their summer tour and were getting in a little extra practice. They were tumbling, juggling, and practicing slack line walking on ropes that stretched across the water. It’s one of those moment’s you could literally never predict, and it’s one that I’ll definitely never forget!

Looking to explore alpine paradise? A ten-day jaunt through the countryside and cuisine of Switzerland is the ideal way to see (and taste) all things Swiss. This small nation packs a punch with its mountainous landscapes, glacial lakes, picturesque cities and food staples that are so tough to beat. Beginning in Zurich, head to historic St Gallen, lakeside Lucerne, adrenaline-filled Interlaken and cheese-obsessed Gruyeres before finishing in the nation’s quaint capital, Bern. Here, the outdoors has never looked so good and chocolate has never tasted so smooth, so it’s time to test it out yourself. Learn more about our Best of Switzerland adventure.